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Coach Name:Andy Gild

Location:Melbourne, Australia

Zip Code:3162

Company name:On The Move Coaching

Job Title:Health and Wellbeing Coach / Physiotherapist

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Qualifications and Accreditations:-Ba Applied Science (Physiotherapy)

-Diploma in Coaching, Leadership and Mentoring


Melbourne, Australia

Andy Gild

CIQ Certified Coach

ANDY GILD – Physiotherapist / Health and Wellbeing Coaching


Integrating 25 years of physiotherapy experience with a Diploma in Coaching, Leadership and Mentoring and a Certification in Conversational Intelligence® (which uses a transformational approach that combines neuroscience and coaching), Andy addresses all aspects of mind and body in order to achieve optimal wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.


Andy enjoys working with individuals who are looking to create life long behavioural change around health goals such as increased fitness, weight management, decreased pain and stress reduction. She also works with teams incorporating insights in neuroscience to gain increased self awareness, self management and enhanced skills in connecting, learning, growing and evolving with others through conversation.


She embraces living outside our comfort zones in order to live purposeful and fulfilled lives and as a triathlete and ultra marathon runner she leads by example.


As a co-founder and president of a grassroots charity, Bicycles for Humanity, Melbourne, Andy believes there is an important correlation between volunteering and health.