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Coach Name:Andreas Nest

Location:Hayling Island, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Zip Code:PO11 9PW

Company name:Nest Business Coaching Ltd

Job Title:Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer

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Professional Experience:Business coach for 25 years


Customer Service

Commercial Skills

Team Builder

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Business Coach

Languages:German and English

Hayling Island, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Andreas Nest

CIQ Certified Coach

Who is Andreas?

  • A business leader with vast management experience spanning across multiple industry sectors, from operating start-up companies to resurrecting failing multimillion pound corporate sales channels.
  • A lateral thinker and innovator who develops unique sales propositions for challenging market conditions, turning broken businesses into thriving enterprises by creating industry first synergies.
  • A people manager who is using unorthodox training methods to create winning teams that are motivated, happy and excited to deliver constant high results.
  • A multiple business owner who went from failure to great success, learning along the way all the hard lessons that running your own business brings with it.
  • A caring family man, who is lucky enough to share this world with four (most of the times) lovely children, an even lovelier wife and not forgetting two very mad Bulldogs.


Andreas’s Attributes

  • He believes in quality leadership, having a clear vision to lead others and taking responsibility when things go wrong.
  • He believes in taking initiative, in thinking outside the box and becoming the innovator and not a follower.
  • He believes in excellent communication skills, by interacting with people, writing and expressing themselves clearly to others.
  • He believes in effective team playing, sharing information to help each other when facing challenges and fairly dividing tasks between team members.
  • He believes in the ability to handle pressure, staying calm and not cracking under deadlines and delivering tasks efficiently.


Andreas’s Achievements

  • From vision to planning to realisation, against all odds he took a simple business idea and turned it into a viable enterprise that sold for five times its original investment value.
  • Going where no man has gone before; while working for a US satellite manufacturer he established successful sales agencies across the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkan and the Stans.
  • When working for a British blue chip company he was tasked to take over a failing sales channel; within two years he reduced customer churn from 48% to 18% and increased sales from £60 million to £100 million.