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Coach Name:Amit Kapadia

Location:Mumbai, India

Zip Code:400086

Company name:Peak Performance Consulting

Job Title:Peak-Performance & Success Coach

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Professional Experience:20+ years of Training, Therapeutic & Entrepreneurial experience in igniting self-leadership.

Qualifications and Accreditations:1st Indian to be certified as Conversational intelligence (C-IQ) Consultant

Certified Inner Child Integration & Systemic Therapist

Certified Human Potential Assessor {Organization & Individuals}

Certified ICF ACC Coach

Originator of ‘3 Point Performance System™’

Founder of Peak Performance Consulting, (2011)

Founder of Life Shapers Foundation of Transpersonal Healing & Transformation, (2011)

Languages:English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Mumbai, India

Amit Kapadia

CIQ Certified Coach

Hi I am Amit Kapadia, Peak-Performance & Success Coach from India. Trained under world renowned stalwarts in subjects of psychology and multiple intelligences, I have over 20 years of training, therapeutic plus entrepreneurial experience in enriching human performance for groups & individuals. My top 3 contributions to my clients are Involvement, Intuition & Instant Transformation thus enabling them to peak perform and step-up success in aspects of Leadership, Relationships and accomplishing work-place as well as life goals.


I work extensively with entrepreneurs & their organization’s workforce in equipping them to peak their work-performance, raise mutual trust amongst team members, collaborate with stronger bonding, enhance employee engagement and align departments with organizational goals. In aspects of relationships and work life challenges, individuals & working professionals generate robust success with my contributions.


My clients see me as a true catalyst to bring in an almost instant transformation in them which is pivotal to gear them up function at full potentials in leadership & everyday life. Thus I invite you to work collaboratively with me and my team members to extract solutions from within you, educate and equip yourself with innovative tools & skills of ‘3 Point Performance System’ to become more functional, productive and thereby embrace personal, professional as well as organizational success.