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Coach Name:Alison Lalieu

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Zip Code:4068

Company name:UBalancer Solutions

Job Title:CEO

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Professional Experience:-Leads a consultant network of experienced NeuroCoaches

-Executive coach to senior leadership benches in companies around Australia

-Seasoned international presenter, facilitator and edutrainer

Qualifications and Accreditations:-NeuroCoach ICF (ACC) - specialist in applied neuroscience; how the brain impacts leadership, employer and employee experience and performance

-Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified Coach

-Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

-Master of Counselling


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Alison Lalieu

CIQ Certified Coach

Alison is sought after as a skilled and experienced NeuroCoach who helps executives to find their real purpose in life and unlock previous hidden potential, so that they lead their organisations and the people around them to create more impact than they ever thought possible.


She has a proven track record of igniting thriving leadership, through a blend of helping leaders to better understand how the brain works and how to have conversations that build trust. Alison is a sought after presenter, keynote speaker and masterclass facilitator, and has led exciting and innovative leadership programs in large organisations with outstanding results.


Alison is passionate about helping leaders to have better conversations, to know their blind spots and grow awareness of their conversational patterns. She believes in growing AGILE leaders (Aware, Growth mindset thinking, Innovative and Imaginative, a Love of Learning and Energy for Change). Clients she has worked with include large power companies, pharmaceutical companies, large mining companies and national government departments.


Alison is able to partner with leaders from different organisations to co-create energising and exciting Off-site experiences, masterclasses and individual/group coaching engagements. Her understanding of how the brain works (Neuroleadership Coach training) enables her to effectively support leaders in rapidly developing trust and providing an employee experience that navigates organisational strategy and change well.


She is an accredited Conversational Intelligence ® Coach, an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and accredited with the ICF (ACC). Thrown in is a Master of Counselling degree and a passionate interest in Education (Genius Educator with the Entrepreneurs Institute which has seen her work in schools in Australia and Ireland). Alison has co-authored two books, and leads an exciting Coaching organisation in Australia which has an international network of consultant NeuroCoaches, all passionate about shaping a new flavour of innovative, thriving leadership.


Alison is a mum to four amazing children, loves trekking around the globe with her wonderful husband, growing veggies on her farm and spending time with her family.